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Our Services





We work hard to put the best teams together for our clients, and that includes having the best subcontracting companies and trades people on site. Our reputation has been built on the quality of our work for generations, thanks in large part to the strong subcontractor relationships we have in areas all over the country.


We skilled development and construction professionals have a unique track record of completing high-quality turnkey projects throughout the country.


    • Construction of Hospital
    • Construction of Schools
    • Construction of Police Station
    • Construction of Parking
    • Construction of Multi – purpose building
    • Roads & Bridge Construction
    • Construction of Roads, Highways & Bridges
    • Construction of Internal roads & Footpaths
    • Construction of Farm Roads
    • Rehabilitation of existing Roads
    • Projects of railway station (construction and Conservation) Earth Works
    • Grading, Excavation & Embankments Fill
    • Sub Grade
    • Sub Base
    • Road Base
    • Wet Mix
    • Asphalt
    • Soil Stabilization



This business unit provides trucking as well as logistics and distribution services in Iraq operating a lot of latest tractors and various types of trailers.

We starting as a joint venture for transporting goods, which our Group’s founder used in his Customs Clearance office in Basra, the Company’s fleet of trucks grew in numbers, which shortly after.

We are currently the largest trucking company in Iraq operating a lot of latest tractors and a various types of trailers. We are specialized in land transportation of containerized and palletized petrochemical products, liquid chemicals, general cargo and beverages distribution.

Additionally, we were pioneer in providing total supply chain management solutions dedicated logistics and distribution services in Iraq. Our services include retail/wholesale, one-to-one/one-to-many/many-to-one, fresh/frozen and ambient goods distribution, warehousing, inventory control, packaging, labeling and product handling.

As a result, we have maintained long-term contracts with national and multi-national companies ensuring timely delivery, efficiency and optimization. Our teams create efficient and economical solutions in analyzing customer requirement to deliver adequate results. Sustaining our long-term relationship with our customers is a result of our constant follow-ups, vehicle tracking system and innovative solutions.

  • Inspection, Supply, Design and Installation of Mechanical Equipments. Electro-Mechanical Construction.
  • Maintenance Works.
  • Fire Fighting Systems Design, Installation, and Maintenance. Drainage Systems Design, Installation, and Maintenance.
  • Plumping Systems Design, Installation, and Maintenance.
  • HVAC Systems Design, Installation, and Maintenance.
  • Design and Built of Oil Pipe lines.
  • Design and Built of Oil Storage Tanks.
  • Design and Installation of Water Storage Tanks


Leadership and Partnership Throughout the Building Process. Our roots run deep in Construction Management, providing contract administration, construction coordination and project control tailored to protect Owner interests while minimizing attendant fees. Our huge resume of successfully completed projects, for example, is clear testament to our position as an experienced manager with key strengths where it counts most… in minimizing risk and maximizing value for even the most complex projects.


Creating innovative and practical building engineering designs, our experts ensure that every project meets and exceeds the expectations of clients and building users. Combining local market knowledge with technical expertise, our multidisciplinary approach to building design is informed by the client›s needs and business case to produce cost-effective, functional, inspiring solutions.We are known locally for our creative, sustainable and holistic design approach which, from the outset, embraces low-carbon and economic operational performance. Our professionals around the country strive to delivery visionary buildings that maximize naturally occurring energy and minimize waste. From creation to completion and beyond, we help clients reach the optimum potential of every project. Collaborating across a wide range of building design skills, and sharing knowledge and a passion for a sustainable built environment through our locally network of offices, Building Engineering at ARD company creates designs that work for today and tomorrow.



Our architects and interior designers are problem solvers by nature – serving clients by listening to their concerns,understanding their goals, and sharing in their vision. We believe that capital investment in facilities should be aligned with measurable, sustainable business benefits, and our firm’s portfolio reflects a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

We seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result. ARD building and interior designers have helped shape the world around us – from high-rise buildings that form city, to educational, cultural, research and transportation facilities and homes that enable our way of life and future.

Drawing on our deep experience in construction management,ARD company brings forward-thinking accountability for schedule and budget to every project, as well as our absolute determination that quality, safety and owner satisfaction will remain foremost in every decision.